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Since 1999 Euro Inox served as a multi-lingual library for stainless steel. Below you find the English and, if available, French editions of the most important publications as PDF files or videos. The download is free of charge.

The titles of the Materials and Applications Series and accordingly the Building Series are sorted by volume numbers. If you are looking for a special topic please use the search function.

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Materials and Applications

Euro Inox Materials and Applications Series

Working with Stainless Steel

(Materials and Applications Series Vol. 2)
The stainless steels: The forms of corrosion, The stainless steel family, Choice of a stainless grade, Heat treatment, Commercially available stainless steel products; Working with stainless steels: Cutting – Thermal cutting, Machining, Cold forming, Hot forming; Joining operations: Welding, Brazing and soldering, Adhesive bonding, Mechanical joining; Surface condition: Characterisation of the surface, Surface preparation and treatments; Testing and inspection: Metallurgical testing and inspection, Mechanical testing; Appendices

English edition (13,46 MB)

The Welding of Stainless Steels

(Materials and Applications Series, Vol. 3)
General information on stainless steel; Stainless steel welding processes; Weldability of stainless steel; Selecting shielding gases for welding stainless steel; Selecting welding consumables for welding stainless steel; Joint preparation in Arc Welding; Finishing treatment for welds; Safe practices; Glossary: terms and definitions

English edition (1,01 MB)

Pickling and Passivating Stainless Steel

(Materials and Applications Series, Vol. 4)
Comparison of descaling, pickling, passivating and cleaning; Pickling methods; Passivation treatments; Welding heat tint; Contamination rust staining; Specifying pickling and passivating

English edition (358,54 KB)
French edition (379,65 KB)

Stainless Steel: Tables of Technical Properties

(Materials and Applications Series Vol. 5)
Chemical composition of stainless steels (flat products); Mechanical properties of stainless steels (flat products); Physical properties of stainless steels

English edition (396,59 KB)

The Mechanical Finishing of Decorative Stainless Steel Surfaces

(Materials and Applications Series, Vol. 6)
Specifying mechanically finished surfaces for stainless steel fabrications; Frequently used finishing methods; Frequently used abrasives and power tools; Best practice finishing; Case studies; Health, safety and environmental issues

English edition (1,43 MB)
French edition (1,43 MB)

Stainless Steel in the Food and Beverage Industry

Why stainless steel; Which stainless steel; How to fabricate stainless steel; Surface finish; Design principles; European standards (Materials and Applications Series, Vol. 7)

English edition (401,31 KB)

The Forming Potential of Stainless Steel

(Materials and Applications Series, Vol. 8)
Mechanical properties; Forming potential; Surface finish; Hydroformed nodes for automotive frames; Hygienic design through seamless surfaces; Pump efficiency through hydroformed casings; Metal spinning for exclusive designs; Decorative wheel rims made by spinning; Cold-rolled sections for superior strength; Explosion-formed heat exchanger plates; Deep-drawn locknuts for wheel decoration

English edition (569,58 KB)
French edition (2,03 MB)

Stainless Steel in Contact with Other Metallic Materials

(Materials and Applications Series, Vol. 10)
The principle of galvanic corrosion; Relevant factors and examples; Practical experience in different applications; Preventing galvanic corrosion

English edition (1,34 MB)
French edition (865,38 KB)

Electropolishing Stainless Steel

(Materials and Applications Series, Vol. 11)
The principle; Process steps; Metal preparation; Electropolishing; Post-treatment; Electropolishing vs. other surface treatment techniques: Mechanical polishing, Electroplating; Specifying electropolished finishes; Typical applications

English edition (1,41 MB)
French edition (1,44 MB)

Austenitic Chromium-Manganese Stainless Steels – A European Approach

(Materials and Application Series, Vol. 12)
History of the 200 series and current developments; The new 200 European grade: 1.4618; Mechanical properties; Formability; Corrosion resistance properties; Physical properties; Weldability

English edition (1,57 MB)

Performance of Stainless Steel in Waste Water Installations

(Materials and Applications Series, Vol. 13)
Definition of stainless steel, general survey and standards; Requirements for stainless steel in waste water systems; Corrosion resistance to waters; Mechanical properties; Applications of stainless steel in waste water installations; Economic benefits

English edition (3,51 MB) 

Bending Stainless Steel Tube

(Materials and Applications Series, Vol. 15)
Ways to achieve curved tubular designs; General parameters used in tube bending; Forming stainless steel; Austenitic – ferritic – duplex: differences in forming behaviour; Bending square and rectangular tube; When to heat before bending; Cleaning after bending

English edition (5,30 MB) 

Colouring Stainless Steel

(Materials and Applications Series, Vol. 16)
Electrochemical colouring: Corrosion resistance, Light and weather ageing, Applications of electrochemically coloured stainless steel; Surface blackening; PVD coatings and sputter colour; Coil coating; Painting; Metallic coatings; Cleaning coloured and coated stainless steel: Initial cleaning, Routine cleaning, Vandalism, accidental damage and remedial cleaning; Specifying the properties of coloured stainless steel

English edition (2,81 MB)
French edition (1,63 MB) 

Tables of Fabrication Parameters

(Materials and Applications Series Vol. 17)
Welding processes and filler materials – heat treatment – typical end-uses
Guidelines on polishability, welding processes, filler materials and typical end-uses of stainless steels; guidelines on the temperatures for heat treatment of martensitic stainless steels , precipitation hardening stainless steels, austenitic stainless steels, ferritic stainless steels, duplex stainless steels

English edition (1,01 MB) 

Surface Hardening of Stainless Steels

(Materials and Applications Series Vol. 20)
Introduction; Principle; Thermochemical diffusion methods: Carburising, Gas nitriding, Plasma (ion) nitriding and liquid nitriding, Nitrocarburising, Boriding or coronising; Applied energy methods: Induction hardening; Cost; Summary, References

English edition (935,78 KB) 

Adhesive Bonding of Stainless Steel

(Materials and Applications Series, Vol. 21)
Principle; Theories of adhesion; Joint designs; Surface treatment; Adhesives; Glossary of terms; References

English edition (805,28 KB) 

Other Publications

Alloying Elements in Stainless Steel and Other Chromium-Containing Alloys

Carbon; Chromium; Nickel; Molybdenum; Niobium; Titanium; Manganese; Silicon; Nitrogen; Cobalt

English edition (552,64 KB) 

Comparison Between Stabilised and Low-Carbon Austenitic Stainless Steels

Corrosion properties; Mechanical properties; Processing properties; Conclusions

English edition (204,23 KB) 

Compliance Tests of Stainless Steel as a Food Contact Material Using the CoE Test Guideline

Citric acid vs. acetic acid as food simulant; Compliance with specific release limits as defined in the CoE Guidelines; Improvement of surface passivation with time in citric acid; Influence of surface area to solution volume ratio; Results of repeated exposure to citric acid

English edition (948,51 KB) 

Corrosion Resistance of Stainless Steels in Soil and Concrete

Classification of corrosivity of different types of soil; Stray current corrosion in soils; The corrosion resistance of stainless steel in soils; Selecting the appropriate grade of stainless steel for buried structures; Stainless steel in concrete; General conclusion

English edition (100,83 KB)

The Ferritic Solution: Properties, Advantages, Applications

Summary and foreword; What they’re saying about ferritics; The “Fabulous Ferritics”; Corrosion resistance properties; Mechanical and physical properties; Forming ferritic grades; Joining ferritic grades; Products and applications; Appendices

English edition (5,25 MB)
French edition (4,15 MB) 

Hardness Testing

How hardness is tested; Vickers hardness test; Brinell hardness test; Rockwell hardness test

English edition (584,91 KB) 

Innovative Stainless Steel Applications in Transport Vehicles (INSAPTRANS)

Materials; Lightweight structures and design; Manufacturing lightweight structures; Properties of lightweight structures; Life-cycle aspects of lightweight structures

English edition (2,05 MB) 

Metals and Alloys Used in Food Contact Materials and Articles. The Council of Europe Guidelines in a Nutshell

General provisions; Chromium; Iron; Molybdenum; Nickel

English edition (696,61 KB) 

Post-Fabrication Surface Treatment of Stainless Steel

Mechanical methods: Grinding and polishing, Blasting, Brushing, Water jetting; Chemical methods: Acid pickling by immersion, Swabbing – pickling with paste, Spraying, Cleaning with passivation, Pickling different stainless steel grades, Finishing treatments for welds, oxide scale and heat tint,  iron contamination, Neutralisation and waste treatment, Safety rules

English edition (1,12 MB) 

Practical Guidelines for the Fabrication of Duplex Stainless Steels

Introduction; History of duplex stainless steels; Chemical composition and role of alloying elements; Metallurgy of duplx stainless steels; Corrosion reseistance; End user specifications and quality contraol; Mechanical properties; Physical properties; Cutting; Forming; Machining duplex stainless steels; Welding duplex stainless stseels; Other joining techniques; Post-fabrication cleanup; Duplex stainless steel applications; Appendices

English edition (3,60 MB)
French edition (3,87 MB) 

Practical Guidelines for the Fabrication of High Performance Austenitic Stainless Steels

Introduction; Metallurgy; Role of alloying elements; mechanical and physical properties; Corrosion resistance; Care in the shop – keeping the surface smooth and clean; Hot and cold forming; Cutting; Machining; Heat treatment – annealing and stress relieving; Welding, brazing and soldering; Mechanical joining methods; Post-fabrication clean-up; Surface finishes; Appendices

English edition (3,37 MB) 

“Press-Fit” Fitting Systems and Stainless Steel

The principle; Comparison with alternative techniques; Relevant material properties; Applications; General recommendations for installation

English edition (3,47 MB) 

Railcars in Stainless Steel. A Sustainable Solution for Sustainable Public Transport

Recent decisions to use stainless steel for new metros and trams in Germany, Japan, Spain and Switzerland are based on the proven long-term performance and low maintenance of stainless steel solutions. Cost effective ferritic stainless steel is used where painting is a requirement. Bare austenitic stainless steel facilitates the removal of graffiti and makes the rolling stock visually attractive. Their marked work-hardening properties reduce material thickness and therefore weight

English edition (2,11 MB) 

Recycling Ferritic Stainless Steel

The key message of this brochure; Ferritics step to the fore; Economic and environmental good sense; The recycling of Stainless Steel; Recycling practices around the world; The future of ferritic recycling

English edition (3,66 MB) 

Reference Photo Guide for Stainless Steel Welds

First Part: About welding process selection; Productivity; Different types of weldment surface appearance and how to improve the result; Quality levels demonstratetd; post-weld treatment; Importance of geometrical diviations; Trained welders; Welding costs – productivity
Second Part: 7 folders giving visual acceptance criteria showing different welding procedures, degrees of surface finishing and weld geometries: 1. GTAW fillet weld in horizontal position 2. GMAW fillet weld in horizontal position – short arc 3. GMAW fillet weld in horizontal position – spray arc 4. FCAW fillet weld in horizontal position 5. SMAW fillet weld in horizontal position 6- SMAW fillet weld in vertical up position

English edition (3,15 MB) 

Release of Chromium, Nickel, Iron from Stainless Steel Esposed under Atmospheric Conditions

Release of Chromium, Nickel, Iron from Stainless Steel Esposed under Atmospheric Conditions and the Environmental Interaction of these Metals
A combined field and lavatory investigation

English edition (1,70 MB) 

Roughness Measurements of Stainless Steel Surfaces

Ra, Rq and Rz values: meaning – benefits – limitations; Their relationship with: surface designations according to EN, surface designations according to ASTM, grit sizes of abrasives; Relevant standards

English edition (557,86 KB) 

Safe Food Preparation Using Stainless Steel

The new protocol; The context of the study; Regulation; KTH study; Results of the study

English edition (1,25 MB) 

Spotless Stainless – The Pride of Professionals. A Quick Guide to the Cleaning of Stainless Steel in Restaurant Kitchens

Cleaning utensils; Cleansers; Temperature; Time; Rinsing; Drying

English edition (268,83 KB)
French edition (1,38 MB) 

Stainless Steel Chimneys

Why stainless steel for chimneys?

English edition (672,38 KB) 

Stainless Steel at High Temperatures

The role of alloying elements; The role of microstructure; Mechanical properties at high temperatures: Creep strength, Stress-rupture properties, Short-term tensile strength, Ductility, Thermal fatigue, Temperature gradients, Effect of cold working on properties; Microstructure stability; Resistance to high-temperature corrosion: Oxidation; Carburisation and nitridation, Halogen-gas corrosion (chlorination); Formability and weldability; Design for high-temperature applications; Design for oxidation resistance; Selecting the alloy: Temperature, Atmosphere and combustion gases;  Applications; Cost considerations

English edition (4,25 MB) 

Stainless Steel – When Health Comes First

Introduction; What are stainless steels? Definition and principal characteristics, Categories of stainless steels; The main alloying constituents of stainless steels as essential elements: General considerations, The essential character of chromium, The essential character of nickel; Stainless steel as a safe containment of its alloying constituents; Applications of stainless steels with relation to human health: in contact with human skin, in contact with human tissue – medical devices and implants, in contact with food and beverages, in contact with drinking water, for the preparation of pharmaceutical products, hygienic characteristics of the surface of stainless steel – cleaning and disinfection; Summary; References

English edition (2,82 MB) 

What Is Stainless Steel?

What is stainless steel? Main families; Main properties; Commonly available finishes and process routes; How are austenitic grades interrelated? What are the ferritic options? And how about Duplex?

English edition (1022,34 KB)
French edition (877,85 KB) 


100 Years of Stainless Steel

A brief history of the discovery of stainless steel and its development to the present day

English edition

French edition

Stainless Steel – Alloyed For Lasting Value

An entertaining explanation of what stainless steels are: iron-chromium alloys, whose range of applications can be extended by adding further elements like nickel or molybdenum
Video 3:34 min

English edition

French edition

Stainless Steel – Recycled for Lasting Value

An instructive and easy-to-understand description of the role that recycling plays in the integrated melting production of stainless steel
Video 3:33 min

English edition

French edition

Stainless Steel – Self-repairing for Lasting Value

An entertaining explanation of the self-passivation mechanism, which is characteristic of stainless steel
Video 4:10 min

English edition

French edition

Architecture, Building and Construction

Euro Inox Building Series

Guide to Stainless Steel Finishes

(Building Series, Vol. 1)
Introduction; Mill finishes; Mechanically polished and brushed finishes; Patterned finishes; Bead-blasted finishes; Electro-polished finishes; Coloured finishes: Electrolytically coloured finishes, Electrolytically coloured and patterned finishes, Organic coatings; Special decorative finishes; Annex A: Technical and practical aspects; Annex B: EN 10088-2

English edition (1,53 MB)
French edition (1,55 MB) 

Stainless Steel Facades

(Building Series, Vol. 2)
Introduction; Education and research establishments; Museums and galleries; Administration and commercial buildings; Industrial Structures

English edition (3,37 MB)
French edition (3,38 MB) 

Stainless Steel for Roofing

(Building Series, Vol. 4)
Museums and galleries; Education and research establishments; Churches; Residential buildings; Sports facilities; Events and caterin facilities; Administration and commercial buildings; Industrial structures

English edition (2,89 MB)
French edition (2,84 MB) 

Technical Guide to Stainless Steel Roofing

(Building Series, Vol. 5)
Reasons for stainless steel in roofing: The self-repair capability of stainless steel, Physical properties, Mechanical properties, Architectural qualities; General options: Stainless steel grade, Surface finish, Corrosion resistance and surface protection, Compatibility with other materials, Tools, Accessories, Soldering stainless steel; Traditional standing seam method:  Roof design, Fasteners, Folding operation, Suitable roof shapes; Continuously welded standing seam: Welding technology, Folding technique, Watertightness, Green roofs, Securing of seam-welded roofs, Suitable grades and finishes, Special Accessories, Reasons to choose the welded system; Other systems; European standards

English edition (1,97 MB)
French edition (2,84 MB) 

Building Envelopes in Stainless Steel

(Building Series, Vol. 6)
Introduction; Resisdential; Research and Education; Administration and Commercial; Sports Facilities; Technical Installations

English edition (1,95 MB)
French edition (2,09 MB)

Pedestrian Bridges in Stainless Steel

(Building Series, Vol. 7)
Girder bridge in Stockholm, Sweden; Helical bridge in London, England; Stress-ribbon bridge in the Via Mala Gorge, Switzerland; Arch bridge in York, England; Ginder bridge in Chiavari, Italy; Arch bridge in Terni, Italy; Cable stayed bridge in London, England; Arch bridge in Andrésy, France; Trough bridge in Bilbao, Spain

English edition (1,53 MB)
French edition (1,53 MB) 

Stainless Steel for Rainwater Goods and Accessories

(Building Series, Vol. 8)
Introduction: Functional aspects of roof drainage, Roof drainage systems ans an architectural feature, Environmental qualities; Choice of material: Chromium stainless steels, Chromium-nickel stainless steels, Chromium-nickel-molybdenum stainless steels; Surface finishes: Standard mill finishes, Standard matt finishes, Brushed and polished, Tin-coated, Bright annealed, Coloured; Areas of application: Roof geometries, Roof drainage systems on bitumen-felt roofs, Stainless steel and historic monuments; Guidelines for working with stainless steel: Tools and machines, Forming, Soft soldering, Adhesive bonding, fixings; Special accessories; Closing remarks

English edition (1,16 MB)
French edition (1,25 MB) 

Erection and Installation of Stainless Steel Components

(Building Series. Vol. 10)
Inftroduction; Site conditions; Erection planning: General, Erection method statement, Trial erection; Supports, anchors and bearings; Erection drawings; Tolerances; Transportation, handling and storage: Gerneal, Transportations, Handling, Storage, Marking; Erection methods; Site welding; Surface protection; Cleaning before handover; Dissimilar metal contact; Cladding installation: Surface consistency, Flatness, Cleanliness; Fasteners; References

English edition (1,08 MB)

Design Manual for Structural Stainless Steel, Third Edition

(Building Series, Vol. 11)
Part I - Recommendations: Basics of design; Materials properties, selction and durability; Properties of sections; Member design; Joint design; Design for fire resistance; Fatigue; Testing; Fabrication aspects; Appendices
Part II – Thirteen Design Examples

English edition (2,10 MB MB)
French edition (2,30 MB) 

New Meets Old – Stainless Steel in Renovation and Renewal

(Building Series, Vol. 12)
Introduction; Archaeological site in Ephesus, Turkey; Glassshouse in Prague, Czech Republic; Office building in Helsinki, Finland; House extension in London, England; Terrace house conversion in Hasselt, Belgium; Visitors’ centre at the Parliament of the Republic of Austria in Vienna; Old University in Graz, Austria; Former bunker in Vreeland, Netherlands; Residenial building and loft hotel in Berlin, Germany; Gouvernment ministry in Paris, France; Office building in Hamburg, Germany; Innovation centre in Montceau-les-Mines, France; Restaurant at the “Naschmarkt” in Vienna, Austria

English edition (3,57 MB)
French edition (3,58 MB) 

Stainless Steel and Glass

(Building Series, Vol. 13)
Introduction; Gatehouse in The Hague, Netherlands; Café in Berlin, Germany; Pavillion in Zurich, Switzerland; Opera house in Copenhagen, Denmark; Bank building in Vienna, Austria; Hotel restaurant in Zurich, Switzerland; Museum in Paris, France; Metro station in Paris, France; Museum in Stift Klosterneuburg, Austria; University in Paris, France; College extension in Cheltenham, England; Café in Vienna, Austria; Bank building in Lodi, Italy; Museum in Augsburg, Germany; Showroom in Milan,  Italy; Staircase in an exhibition room in Bologna, Italy

English edition (2,72 MB)
French edition (2,72 MB) 

Depth, Pattern and Structure – The Third Dimension in Stainless Steel Surfaces

(Building Series, Vol. 14)
Introduction; Embossed Sheet: Ice-Hockey Stadium in Turin, Italy, Volcano Museum in Saint-Ours-Les-Roches, France; Perforated Sheet: Danish Embassy in Berlin, Germany, Amphitheatre in Fréjus, France; Profiled Sheet: Chamber of Commerce in Luxembourg, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg; Combined Techniques: City Hall in London, England, Fire Station in Nanterre, France; Expanded Mesh; Grating: Footbridge in Contes, France, Training Centre in Stuttgart, Germany; Woven Metal: Adminstration Building in Heilbronn, Germany, Arts Centre in Lille, France, Station in Worb, Switzerland

English edition (4,65 MB)
French edition (4,66 MB) 

Cleaning Architectural Stainless Steel

(Building Series, Vol. 15)
Why cleaning is important? Recommendations for architects – cleaning-friendly design: Selection on an appropriate grade, Selection of cleaning friendly-finishes (Reflective finishes, Non-reflective finishes), Design features; Recommendations for building contractors – initial cleaning; Recommendations for facility managers – maintenance cleaning: Cleaning practice, Cleaning equipment, Cleaning intervals; Recommendations for cleaning staff – the dos and don’ts; References

English edition (1,37 MB)
French edition (1,38 MB) 

Public Spaces – Stainless Steel in the Urban Environment

(Building Series, Vol. 16)
Introduction; Transport and mobility: Bus stop in Amorebieta, Spain, Sainte-Catherine Metro Station in Brussels, Belgium, Moving walkways in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain; Technical installations: Media Façade in Milan, Italy, Plaza del Torico in Teruel, Spain, Fountain in Milan, Italy, Ventilation towers in London, United Kingdom; Connection: A8ernA in Koog, Zaanstad, The Netherlands, Island in the Mur, Graz, Austria; Division: Steel curtain in Wattens, Austria, Police Station in Vienna, Austria, “Cutting Edge” in Sheffield, United Kingdom; Regeneration: Gouvernementsplein in Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands, Spielbudenplatzin Hamburg, Germany; Parks: Parc Diagonal Mar in Barcelona, Spain, Parc de la Cigalière in Sérignan, France, Circular Beds in Wolfsburg Castle Park, Germany; Further reading

English edition (7,29 MB)
French edition (7,30 MB) 

Green Walls in Stainless Steel

(Building Series, Vol. 17)
Introduction; Tensile cable systems: Shopping Centre in Basel, Switzerland, MFO Park in Zurich, Switzerland, Electricity substation in Barcelona, Spain, Student housing in Garching, Germany; Frame systems: Commercial building in Rimini, Italy; Planted walls: Museum of Natural History in Toulouse, Fance, Company headquarters in Shanghai, China; Interiors

English edition (5,10 MB)
French edition (5,10 MB) 

Stainless Steel Flat Products for Building – The Grade in EN 10088-4 Explained

(Building Series, Vol. 18)
Designation of steel grades; Order designation; Classification of grades; Chemical composition; Mechanical properties; surface properties; formability at room temperature; Evaluation of conformity; Marking; Relationship between the European standard and the essential requirements of EU directive 89/106/EEC, EU construction products directive

English edition (1,93 MB)
French edition (1,90 MB) 

Innovative Facades in Stainless Steel

(Building Series, Vol. 19)
Introduction; Café and crèche in Brussels, Belgium; Studio in Berlin, Germany; Multi-storey car park in Almere, Netherlands; Hotel in Zug, Switzerland; Company HQ in Segrate near Milan, Italy; Office bulding in Brussels, Belgium; Office blocks in Hamburg, Germany; Fire station in Bruges, France; Holiday home in Thorington, England; Archive in Bure, France; Office building in Hamburg, Germany; Government offices in Nantes, France; Computer centre in Garching, Germany; University building in Lausanne, Switzerland; Office building in Madrid, Spain; Congress centre in Stockholm, Sweden

English edition (6,91 MB)
French edition (6,92 MB) 

Safe Use of Stainless Steel in Swimming Pool Environments

(Building Series, Vol. 20)
Introduction; Swimming pool environsments; Stress corrosion cracking in swimming pool environments; Indoor swimming pools disinfected with chlorine: Components not regularly cleaned, Components that are regularly cleaned; Outdoor swimming pools disinfected with chlorine; alteration of existing equipment; references

English edition (1,34 MB) 

Other Publications

Execution of Stainless Steel Structures

(SCI Report ED 018)
Introduction; Normative references; Terms and definitions; Specifications and documentation; Constituent products; Preparation and assembly; Welding; Mechanical Fastening; Erection; Surface treatment; Geometrical tolerances; Inspection, testing and correction; Appendices

English edition (332 KB)

Structural Design of Ferritic Stainless Steels

Of ferritic stainless steels; Properties of ferritic stainless steels; Design of structural members; Design of steel-concrete composite floor systems; Connections; Fire resistance; Fabrication and life-cycle cost; References and further sources of information

English edition (4,97 MB)